EHS Directory

What is the Scarlet Directory?

The Scarlet Directory is an online directory of businesses located in Des Moines’ Eastside as well as businesses owned and operated by alumni, staff, students, and families of East High School.  The goal of the Scarlet Directory is to provide a source of financial support for our Be East program while creating a way for people to easily find and support businesses that are part of the East High community. 

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Be East Committee 

-The purpose of the Be EAST program is to transform East’s culture and climate by teaching expected behaviors, celebrating positive attitudes and actions, and supporting students in obtaining skills for success.

Scarlet Directory

Why should I Donate to be listed in the Scarlet Directory?

-Cheapest way to reach 2,400 students, over 200 staff and an Eastside community that supports our East High School students.

-Year-long listing in the Scarlet Directory.

-Be East Supporter Sticker.

-You are directly helping to change the culture and climate at East High School. 

-As you support our programs, you will see how our community is positively impacted by your contribution.

-East High School students are your neighbors, friends, and employees.  By donating you are helping support them where they learn.

815 East 13th Street

Des Moines, IA 50316